1. All the students and the staff members must be present at the School Assembly.
  2.  Therefore, all must reach the School before 7.40 a.m. students must come daily, neatly dressed in full school uniform, bringing the day’s necessary school books, calendar, Tiffin/ lunch etc. in a canvas or cloth bag.
  3.  At the second bell, all must gather for the Assembly and remain silent till they reach their respective classes after the Assembly.
  4. If a student is not in his / her class line at the time of the prayer bell or he/ she is late, it will be marked accordingly in the School  diary. Plus, the late comer may not be allowed to attend the 1st period or appropriately dealt with. If one is repeatedly late, the late  arrival marked in the calendar must be shown to the parent who should take appropriate action about it. Or he / she may be sent  home, in which case the school will not be responsible for his/ her reaching home safe.
  5. All the students must be in full School Uniform (dress, footwear, etc. prescribed in the school Calendar.
  6. Students must be present at the appropriate class or place at the appointed time.
  7. No student will be exempted from physical exercises and games without medical certificate.
  8. The school leaders and assistants, along with teacher, will help to maintain discipline and order at all times in the school.

9.     Students should not enter into other class rooms or be in any classroom during games and break time, so that theft or suspicion could be avoided.

10.   No student any parents/guardians assisting them to have snacks /lunch in the School. Students must bring their lunch / snacks, etc. in the morning itself when they come to School.

11.   No student is allowed to meet ‘anyone’ during school hours except the school authorities and the students presently studying in the school. To do so, permission from the Principal/Vice Principal is required.

12.   As far as possible, absence from the school should be foreseen and prior permission for leave must be sought.

13.   Those who were absent on the previous day, must bring a leave letter signed by the parent to be submitted to the class teacher when they return to school.

14.   Leave of absence will not be given on the first and the last day of the term. Failure to report on the opening day after vacation may result in loss of seat.

15.   After a month of continuous absence without intimation, the absentee’s name will be struck off the School Register. To be readmitted, the student will have to pay the admission fee again.

16.   Once the students arrive at the School, they should remain in the school till school closes, unless the student is permitted to go out of the School by the School authorities. On all occasions, the Principal/ Vice Principal’s consent is necessary to go out of the School.

17.   A student, who is indisposed, should not come to school even if it means missing a test.

18.   No student is allowed, no matter what the reason, to attend one or two periods/tests and then go home. If one does so, he /she will be marked absent for the whole day.

19.   Each student is responsible for the safety of his/her belongings.

20.   Students must not scratch or spoil the desk, write in chalk or pencil on the wall, or in any way damage school property. Damage done should be reported at once. Even if it is caused by accident the damage has to be made good.

21.   No jewellery or ornaments should be worn by students in the school.

22.   Student’s are not allowed to bring to school transistors, cameras, pistols, (toy or otherwise) mobile phone, knife (big or small), fire crackers or any other objects that may cause even slight disturbance, concern, anxiety, suspicion, etc.

23.   Besides one’s own school school text/library books, no other books should be brought without the knowledge of the school authorities.

24.   Except during the language periods ALL THE STUDENTS AND TEACHERS SHOULD TALK IN ENGLISH ONLY.

25.   When any change occurs in the address given on page-1 in this calendar, the change should promptly be notified to the principal in writing.

26.   Unless one has taken the T.C.  from the school, students must always enter the school campus only in school uniform, even if it means attending an extra class or to meet/consult a teacher or for any other work in the school.

27.   During school hours students may use the phone only in case of EMERGENCY. Phoning may be allowed only after getting permission from the Principal / Vice Principal. Making phone calls to bring any forgotten articles is forbidden.

28.   No student is permitted to repeat the same class more than once.

29.   No amount of private tuitions can substitute active listening, concentration and attention in the subject taught in the class. Moreover, private tuitions generally reduce self-confidence and initiative and it encourages laziness. Therefore, taking private tuition are to be avoided. If one does so, the head of the Institution shall not be responsible for any undesirable consequences arising from them.

30.   Railway journey concession will be issued only for major vacations. Applications for railway concession should be submitted to the school office at least 3 days in advance.

31.   Students should not ride their cycles in the school campus. Cycles must be kept locked in the cycle stand. No student is allowed to bring two-wheelers to the school.

St. Joseph’s School Students are expected to do:

·         Respect Parents, Teachers and all others.

·         Avoid shouting or running about the school building.

·         Avoid throwing papers, stones, wrappers, etc. anywhere in or around the school premises, except in bins, provided for the purpose.

·         Avoid spitting in inappropriate places and avoid plucking flowers, destroying plants.

·         Avoid any eatable items from the vendors outside the school.