1.   English (01)

2.   Second Languages (02-044)

a. Indian Languages

3.   History , Civics and Geography (50)


4.   Mathematics (51)

5.   Science ( Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) (52)

6.   Computer Science (71)

(Any one of the following subjects)

7.   Computer Application (86)

8.   Home Science (68)

9.   Physical Education (72)

Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service.
Some Important Points to remember for +1 & +2 students:

 1.   Students of std. XI & XII are expected to attend classes daily and regularly. Minimum of 90% attendance is necessary to be promoted to STD XII.

2.   During the free periods, student should not be found in the corridors or in the classrooms or loitering in the school campus. It is strongly recommended that they use       the library. 

3.   The students must bring the calender DAILY to school .All absences and late arrivals are to be recorded in the school diary. 

4.   Mobiles, cameras. Motorised Vehicles are banned in the school campus.

5.   Parents are requested to meet the class teachers from time to time to know their Ward's progress.

6.   One must Pass promotion Criteria of the ISC to be promoted to XII.

7.   If the child is not serious in pursuing his / her academic career in St. Joseph's or if he / she is found indulging in gross indiscipline, he / she will be asked to leave       the school.

8.   All St. Joseph's students are expected to:
    * Show respect to all the teachers.
    * Avoid using indecent Language.
    * Avoid throwing papers,stones etc.anywhere in or around the school premises, except in  the bins provided for the purpose.

9.   Our +2 (ISC) will have efficient and highly qualified faculty members who will prepare them to face ISC examinations.

10. ISC students will be treated as part of the school.

11. School timings will remain same for them and the standard of discipline will be maintained.

12. They will have same uniform and same rules and regulations of our school.

13. The ISC students will become part and parcel of St.Joseph's High School, Bhubaneswar.

14. The school will not appreciate and approve any parental association formed outside the school in the name of the school.

15.  No unauthoried books, CDS, VCDS, comics or magazines may be brought to school without the explicit permission of the Principal.

16.  During the activities and outings the school takes all necessary care and precaution . Inspite of this if any accident or mishap occures, the school will not be held responsible or liable for the same.


English (801) 


1.  Mathematics (860)

2.  Physics (861)

3.  Chemistry (862)

4.  Computer Science (868)


5.  Physical Education


 Maths (860)

2.  Physics (861)

3.  Chemistry (862)

4.  Biology (863)