Our School aims at an all round development of child’s growth and personality by inculcating values, developing rational thinking, educating and respecting traditions, customs, society,religion and nation.

The regular subject of the curriculum present themselves as potential reservoirs of values and Talents. Co-curricular activities such as Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Bul-Buls, social service, sports and games, literary activities all provide immense opportunities to come together in pursuit of common goals and ideals that are important sources to develop oneself.


Special curricular – cultural activities are conducted for students from Classes III to VIII. It is compulsory that every student must take part in cultural activities from classes III to VIII. Yearly examinations will be conducted and certificates from recognised universities will be issued. The Following are the special activities conducted.

1. Karate 7. Art and Painting
2. Odissi dance 8. Keyboard
3. Kathak Dance 9. Guitar-Spanish
4. Hindustani Vocal 10. Guitar-Hawain
5. Odissi Vocal 11. Violin
6. Tabla